About myoh

myoh is a luxury lifestyle brand, for home improvement and home furnishings. At myoh, each design contemplates around six parameters.

Details | Better Aesthetics | Functionality | Accessibility | Universal Design | Lasting Value

We have evolved over the years through our continued focus, improvement and extensive knowledge of the product, marketplace, and customer needs.

Our designers, artisans, and craftsmen with entire team keep the brand at the center of an organization and execute each aspect of business with excellence. We choose to build the best by challenging trends and design that will help us be an active force in our customer lives and transform their lifestyle.

myoh's mission:

To be recognized as a business for high-end designer cabinet and door hardware, homeware, home furnishings, and functional furniture fittings.

myoh's vision:

Build an international brand for luxury home improvement and home furnishings and adding to manufacturing categories that will complement myoh’s manufacturing strength. Merchandise home improvement and home furnishing product categories from the best in the world who share same values.

Our Values:

myoh is a family owned business that truly understands the importance of each and every member of our business. We appreciate and respect our people as they are our strength. We believe in creating an equal opportunity for all, by building and working in a growth environment that will help our employees take responsibility and accountability for their work. We appreciate and encourage hard work with efficiency to increase productivity that helps us design and build products that help us meet our customer's lifestyle. We want to make and sell products that are of the best quality, heart touching designs with a heroic service that is affordable to all. Last but not the least, we contribute and are responsible towards our community and the environment for the future generations.